...there is no turning back

{Sorriso} di Piero: "Il Volo is composed of...

The next singing sensation



me, myself, Ignazio,

and Piero…

“I hope to stay together for…20 years…”

“40 years…”

“Yes, because this is our dream…”

“…To be always Il Volo

<3 I pray for that :”> You’re simply the best! Your faces, your talent, your voices, your effort, your…

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Based on a true story of a janitor in UP who unconditionally gives out part of his money to students who are in need for tuition fee. See how his simple message was sent across and how it changed other people’s lives.

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Girl : Your new girlfriend is pretty(i bet she stole your heart) Boy : Yeah. She is. (but you're still the most beautiful girl i know) Girl : I heard she's funny and amazing (all the stuff i wasn't) Boy : She sure is. (but she's nothing compare to you) Girl : I bet you know everything about her by now (like how you knew just everything about me) Boy : Only the stuff that count. (i can't remember what she says when i think of you) Girl : Well... I hope you guys last. (cause we never did) Boy : I hope we do ,too.(what happened to me and you?) Girl : Well, I have to go (before i start to cry). Boy : Yeah,me too ( I hope you dont cry). Girl : bye.(i love you) Boy : later (i never stopped)
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Thank you for making me realize this.


Thank you for making me realize this.

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grabe matuwa ang mga tao pag nakahahanap sila ng kakampi. :))

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[ ] OT100 Learning Package Adol.

[ ] OT140 ECAA

[ ] Comm RTD Video


[ ] BioLab Last Exam

[ ] Natsci Act. 16 and 20


[ ] OT140 ACAA

[ ] PE Finals


[ ] Interview (Most Probably)

[ ] Comm III Speech Plan


[ ] Natsci last exam

[ ] Natsci Act. 17

[ ]OT140 MCAA


[ ] Dom’s Debut

Di pa yan ung HELLest :)) may mga sisingit pa dyan for sure. K. :|